Multiple Uploads with JQuery and Code Igniter

This one goes out to all the code writers, web developers, and open source script fans.

This is a short script I built for a project, ended up opting to use individual AJAX uploads rather than multiple uploads at once. Yet a script this useful deserves to see the rest of the world so I give you.

Multiple File Uploads with JQuery and Code Igniter

To get it running extract into the root directory of a Code Igniter installation, included are:

The upload library is based upon the CI upload library, it will check for attacks, and check whether the files uploaded are images or something else. You can restrict the files to any extension(s), if you need more security than that then I’ll assume you know enough to add in the function you need.

The beauty of this script is the simplicity, with a few lines of code you can allow for multiple uploads from a single page, then let this script handle the uploads and pass on information about everything that happened.

If you are not familiar with Code Igniter it is a rather lightweight PHP MVC framework. Which is a geeky way of saying that it is a programming framework that can save you time without eating your server. Of course the same goes for JQuery, which is for Javascript framework that will save you time.

If you have any questions please leave a comment or ask me through the contact form.

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